Monday, October 11, 2010

From Blacks and Blues to Black Stars

This must be a quick post, but this weekend was absolutely fantastic!

On Saturday, Morgan, Whitney, and I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to do a 66K bike tour of Aburi. The sites were so breath-takingly beautiful! The trail was super cool! We had to go through bodies of water that reached our chests, the single path parts were super skinny and frightening and I could not keep my balance on them, and the downhill was scary (but that part was only my problem, haha). The guide was really frustrating though because he did not know where he was going or how far we ever were. I was really happy till we got to this one point when he told us that we were 5 or 6K away. Then 8K down the road, I asked the guide if we knew where we were and he said that we were close... about 20K or more later, we got to our final destination. He kept stopping to ask for directions, but got angry when we asked for directions ourselves. The guide was also getting angry that we were "slow", yet I was in front of him the whole time and had to stop for him multiple times. Regardless, I really enjoyed the bike ride. It was very difficult, my bum is super bruised, my hands are swollen, and I have numerous cuts/bruises on my legs (I was of course the one to fall into a mud puddle), but the bike tour was very worth it. Our final destination, Boti Falls, were very impressive and beautiful. :)

Boti Falls

On Sunday, I yet again woke up early to go to the Black Stars (national Ghanaian team) vs. Sudan football (or soccer for you Americans) match. The game got moved to Kumasi because the flood lights in Accra were broken. The drive was annoying, but it was very worth it. :) The atmosphere and game were wicked cool! I really enjoyed myself at the game. the moment the game ended, it starting POURING! It was storming so bad and happened so fast - I was so glad that it waited to rain after the game ended. Even so, we got drenched on the short run to the bus.

Sarelle, Morgan, me, and Liana at the match. Closer to the beginning of the game, the seats were jam packed! The only thing that was missing was you, Claudia!

The Sudanese (in red) and Ghanaian (in white) teams.

Super cool picture of the guy sitting in front of me that was telling me all about the players and etc. :)

Mom, meet your future son-in-law. It will be one of these three men in white. :) 11 and 13 are the Ayew brothers - their dad was also one of the best Ghanaian football players of all time. 3, Gyan, got a red card because he shoved another player towards the end of the match. But these three were my favorites.
The night sky and packed stadium.

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  1. Awesome photos!! I can't believe you ran a marathon, and now this long bike ride! Love you xoxo